Pastor Myron Jenkins

Pastor Myron Jenkins is the founder of Biblical Faith Ministries Inc., a non-denominational and non-profit ministry, committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world. In addition to his call to ministry, he is the host of a new radio broadcast called “The Power of Prayer”, which airs on, AM 1500 WLQV, every Saturday, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.


Pastor Jenkins was ordained at Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Ministries. He also obtained his teaching certificate with the Evangelical Training Association (ETA). Having a burden to preach to the men, Pastor Jenkins held the position as ministry leader over the youth usher board. He trained the young men using biblical principles, teaching them how to recognize their roles as followers of Christ. With an empowering message designed to strengthen their faith in God, he challenged them to assume their position as Christian leaders in the community.


  • Certificate of Ordination – Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Ministries (SBBTM) Board of Governors
  • Advanced Church Ministries Certificate – Evangelical Training Association (ETA)

BFM · Ministry Board of Governors

Pastor Myron Jenkins, Chairman & CEO
Brother Zad White, Finance Consultant · Brother George Murray, Marketing Analyst · Sister Lucille Bridges, Advising Specialist · Sister Sandra Jenkins, Secretary/Events Coordinator


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